Frequently Asked Questions
1.What is Saree store ?

Saree store lists the Current stock of sarees available in the store with us.

2.What is Saree Album ?

Saree Album shows the customer, the different combination of sarees. However, these sarees are not readily available in stock.

3.What is Quick Booking?

Quick booking allows the customer to choose their costume design, then select the saree from Saree store, and can pay for their costume and will get their Expected Delivery Date. The customer can keep track of their costume status in My account link.

4.What is Request a Costume?

Request a costume allows the customer to request for a saree combination which is not available in Saree Store. The customer chooses the costume design and selects a minimum of three Saree for every single costume from the Saree Album.

5.What is the Expected Delivery Date for a costume ordered through Request a Costume?

In Request a Costume option, the customer does not select a saree in stock, Instead requests for one or more particular Colour Combination of saree fro the Saree Album. Once we have the closest possible combination of the requested saree. The saree photos will be mailed to the customer for approval. Once the saree is approved by the customer, Then the customer will be provided with their bill to pay online along with their Expected Delivery Date.

6.What is the Difference between Buy a Costume and Request a Costume?

  • In Buy a costume, Customer can buy their costume right away by selecting the costume design,
    saree combination and filling the Measurement Form.
  • In Buy a costume, Customer knows the Expected Delivery Date on the date of ordering itself.
  • In request a costume, Customer has to wait for their sari to be available.
  • In Request a costume, Customer has more costume designs and more saree Combination to choose.

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