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Kalapeetham School of Dance and Music

U.S.A. Director – Smt. Kalyani Shanugarajah

Kalyani Shanmugarajah is truly dedicated exponent of Bharatha Natyam. She became a well-accomplished dancer through her training at Kalakshetra, the leading cultural institution for fine arts in India.  She is fortunate to have received tutelage under Smt. Sarada Hoffman.  Kalyani has participated in the Kalakshetra dance dramas, during the lifetime of the legendary (late) Smt. Rukmini Devi Arundale.  She was fortunate enough to have received her blessings. Kalyani performed in India while in Kalakshetra.  Upon graduating from Kalakshetra, she extensively toured Sri Lanka along with other Kalakshetra graduates.  Her teaching experience has its roots in her motherland, Sri Lanka, where she has taught and performed in a number of institutions.  

Kalyani has relentless love for Bharatha Natyam and has dedicated her life for the propagation of this divine classical art.  She and Sri Bhaghavatalu Seetarama Sarma have established the Kalapeetham School of Dance and Music Los Angeles and The Kalapeetham Dance Company. They established it with the goal to inspire the present generation towards artistic excellence in performance and choreography to reach the high standards established by Smt. Rukmini Devi Arundale’s Kalakshetra style and tradition.  Kalyani has produced many accomplished and well-rounded dancers.  Many of her students have already completed their Arangetrams and still continue to perform.