Artists Information
Lakshmi Sriraman

Lakshmi Sriraman is an accomplished Bharatanatyam performer, teacher and choreographer based in Lexington, KY.

She received her Masters of Science in Mathematics from Madras University and MBA from University of Texas at El Paso. After a decade of successful career as a Management Consultant in a leading HR Management firm in the US she turned to dance as her full time profession in 2004.

Lakshmi has performed several solo Bharatanatyam recitals that were very well received by critics and connoisseurs alike. Her dance is marked by lithesome grace, clear lines and crisp footwork. She practices Bharatanatyam as a sacred art that transcends the everyday and at the same time is rooted in the realm of the everyday In her own words, "Dance is a complete experience that connects me with this vast Universe. When I dance in front of an audience I feel like that I am dancing with them and they with me".

Lakshmi is passionate about sharing her love for dance and founded Shree School of Dance to provide Bharatanatyam education in Kentucky. She teaches classes in Lexington, KY. She is a Part-time Dance Faculty at Eastern Kentucky University. She enjoys conducting dance workshops, aimed at Bharatanatyam dancers and dancers of other genre.

Lakshmi's performance and interview are part of Kentucky Education Television's (KET) Dance toolkit for middle school.

Lakshmi started her training in Bharatanatyam under Smt. Sujatha Ramalingam. She later continued her training under Guru Padmaja Kelam in Atlanta, GA. She is very fortunate to be currently studying with Smt. Priyadarsini Govind, one of the leading Bharatanatyam artists in the world. She is also a student of the legendary Sri. Bhagavatalu Seetharama