Artists Information
Bindu Shankar

Bindu Shankar graduated with a Diploma and P.G. Diploma in Bharata Natyam from Kalakshetra Foundation in Chennai, India. She performed her arangetram at Kalakshetra under the tutelage of her Guru Smt. Sarada Hoffman. At Kalakshetra, Bindu has also trained under Sri. M.R. Krishnamurthi, Sri. Balagopal, Smt. N.S. Jayalakshmi, and Smt. Krishnaveni Lakshmanan.
Bindu is a Ph.D in Art History from the Ohio State University, Columbus, OH. She pursued her dissertation research on dance imagery in South Indian temples and studied the relationship between the temple tradition and the dance tradition through the 108- karana sculptural program.
In the twenty years of dance training and instruction, Bindu has given recitals, lecture demonstrations and received awards: at the Festival of India in the former Soviet Union (1987); Tamil Nadu State Art Academy (1988- 89); The Ohio State University (1993& 94); Dallas Museum of Art (2002-2004); Winner of Telly Award (2006 &2004); Stanford University (2006); NDEO Annual Conference (2006); Fusion Pleasanton (2007); and also, Co-Curate of TEXAS COLLECTS ASIA art exhibition at Crow Collection of Asian Art(2008).
Bindu has also helped organize community events, sponsored artistes from India, and donated to organizations supporting upcoming dancers.